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Skin is your largest organ. It’s your first line of defense and protects your insides from the outside world. How your skin looks tomorrow depends on how you take care of it today. Don’t diminish the effects of your skincare routine by sleeping on fabrics that work against your skin.


Perfection comes from balance.

That’s why we’ve engineered a new approach.

Our fabrics are made from a patent-pending combination of natural and synthetic yarns. Each yarn type brings individual benefits, and transformed into a fabric, they work in harmony with your skin. These yarns are woven together to create two distinct sides - or faces - of the fabric.


Natural yarns

Derived from nature


(moisture seeking)


Synthetic yarns

More durable

Smooth surface

(moisture repelling)


Smart Textile Construction and Composition.

We recognize how much time your skin spends in contact with your bedding. Therefore we engineered our fabric to work with your skin during those precious hours you spend in bed. Our patent-pending textile is unique in both the construction and the composition.



Distinct in every way.


Smooth Surface

The top surface in contact with your skin is mostly comprised of nylon, a hydrophobic yarn with a very low coefficient of friction and very high strength. This surface is designed to stay dry and smooth against your skin during sleep.


Moisture Max Side

The bottom surface is mostly comprised of a blend of Tencel® lyocell and cotton. These hydrophilic yarns derived from nature are able to absorb and quickly dissipate excess moisture and provide a soft hand.

Textiletesting copy.jpg

Quality over quantity.

While thread count is considered by some as an industry standard measure of quality, it simply refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. We believe that true quality comes from what’s inside, that’s why we use the highest caliber yarns in our 300 thread count fabrics. 

Tested for durability.

We believe that you deserve the best return on your investment. That’s why we’ve engineered our fabrics to be more durable than the average bedding. The tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion and pilling resistance of our bed sheets and pillowcases exceed 100% cotton.



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