Rethinking Sleep


Sleep is more than just sleep - it’s revolutionary.


Sleep is the time for our muscles to relax, our minds to ease and our hearts to find peace. The time we spend sleeping is crucial to our physical, mental and emotional health. For decades now we’ve been sleeping the same way -- but as we begin to incorporate new ways to be well into our lives, we should also rethink the sleep experience...


Luxury hotels have picked up on this revolution. They are applying current technologies to the guest experience and are working to create a culture of service that is focused on the guest.

Hotels in India are purifying the air to give their guests a place to restore themselves from the city pollution. Lighting is automated to best suit the time of day and the body's natural needs during that time. General managers have enabled guests to personalize the mini bar prior to their arrival. And let's not forget about the bathrooms! Hotels are going above and beyond when it comes to the products offered in the bathrooms, commonly partnering with bespoke companies to elevate the overall perception of quality and refinement during a guest's stay.


Yet, the sheets in luxury hotels are the same cotton sheets that we’ve been sleeping on for decades. Considering the amount of sleep we lose and energy we spend during travel, sleep should be the top priority.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.06.56 AM.png

When retreating to that place for renewal, whether a luxury hotel room or your bedroom 2.0, remember that sheets can now do more than just cover us during rest. Everything about luxury is evolving, and we believe it is time for bedding to become an integral part of the sleep experience, not just a necessity.

Rethink your sleep. Rethink your bedding.